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Real Results from Real Experience: Medical Spa Coaching from Industry Insiders.

At Ethos MedSpa Consulting, we understand that real experience and real results are what make the difference in the medical spa industry. As owners and founders of two practices, our approach is grounded in both theory and practicality, allowing us to provide expert guidance that’s rooted in real-world experience. With our unwavering support, we’ll help you unlock the doors to success and achieve your most ambitious goals.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Fast-Track Your Success

Create a Thriving Business


ethos medspa Consultants

Customized Coaching for Your
Aesthetic Business Practice: Virtual or Onsite

Your Business

Business Plan
& Business Strategies:
Partner with us to develop a comprehensive business plan and strategies that align with your goals.

Your Numbers

Financial Projections & Budgeting:
We’ll help you gain clarity around your finances and create accurate financial projections to make informed business decisions.

Increase Your Profitability

A 360 Marketing & Branding Approach:
We´ll develop strategies that work to attract and retain more clients, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Building A Stellar Healthy Culture

Hiring the Right Team:
Let us help you build a team that aligns with your vision and values, ensuring a positive workplace environment for everyone.

Your Dream

How do you get funding for your dream? We can help!
Let us assist you in bringing your Medspa dreams to life with our financing expertise and network of lenders.

Don’t Let Your Dream Become A Nightmare

Legal & Compliance:
We’ll ensure your Medspa is compliant and protect you and your business from potential legal issues.

Beginners and Advanced Injectables

Our training program is tailored to beginners and advanced practitioners alike, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.

Leadership Development

Take Care of Your Future
Receive ongoing mentorship and support to elevate your leadership skills and continually grow your business.

our story

About Ethos MedSpa Consulting

Aeron comes from a family of nurses, and after moving to St. Louis, he earned his bachelor’s and is currently pursuing his doctorate in nursing practice from Maryville University. He got into aesthetics as a makeup artist, and now uses syringes and neuromodulators to enhance natural beauty at Ethos MedSpa. Aeron prioritizes education and creates a culture that empowers his patients and team. John has over 25 years of business experience, including founding successful medical spa practices, salons, and a skincare line. As an executive pastor and COO, John found his passion in helping people reach their full potential. He now brings that same passion to the medical aesthetic industry, believing in the empowerment of making people feel beautiful inside and out.

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John Castañeda Rodriguez

ethos medspa consultants

Speaking Engagements

John and Aeron are highly regarded as thought leaders in the aesthetic industry. Their engaging and insightful presentations are sure to inspire and inform, making them favorite speakers at conferences and events across the industry.
As a sought-after aesthetic industry key opinion leader, John combines his decades of experience and practical approach to business to captivate his audiences. His lighthearted humor and unassuming, approachable style make him a conference favorite.
As an accomplished master injector, Aeron combines his cardiac ICU background with his creative eye to produce results that keep his patients coming back for more. Aeron offers an array of training for beginners and advanced practitioners looking to elevate and grow their patients’ results.

our story

Turn Your Medspa Dream Into a Success Story

As a Medspa owner, you aspire to offer life-changing aesthetic services that give your clients confidence. However, without the right guidance and support, you may find yourself squandering valuable time, resources, and capital on costly trial and error. Not only can these missteps prove financially disastrous, but they may also tarnish your reputation in the industry. Let Ethos MedSpa Consultants inspire and guide your Medspa on the road to success.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Our expertly crafted strategies will help you scale your business efficiently while minimizing risks and expenses.

Access Insider Information

As a consulting firm with actual experience building and operating successful Medspas, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through the challenges and opportunities of this industry.

Achieve Goals with Confidence

Our proven framework empowers you to make informed decisions and take action with confidence, avoiding costly mistakes and growing faster.

Real-World Experience, Tangible Results

Get the Help You Need to Succeed in
the Aesthetic Medical Industry

Extensive Experience

Our CEO, John Rodriguez, brings invaluable experience from serving as COO of a $140M company. Aeron Sheffield, our president, is a master aesthetic injector who will soon have his doctorate in nursing, providing unparalleled medical expertise.

Real Experience, Real Results

Our team has hands-on experience building and scaling successful aesthetic businesses. We’ve created award-winning medical spas, an Aveda salon, and a private skincare line. We’ve made mistakes and learned from them, so you don’t have to.

Faster Business Growth

We provide practical solutions based on our real-world experiences. Our unique blend of executive management, entrepreneurial experience, and medical expertise form the foundation that will guide you on the path to success.

A Results-Driven Approach You Can Trust

Empowering Medspas to Achieve Rapid Growth

Our Mission

To provide aesthetic medical practices with the tools and strategies needed to succeed faster.

Our Vision

To help aesthetic medical practices grow and scale in a healthy and sustainable way.

How to Get Started

Our 3-Step Plan to Accelerate Your Business Success

Discover Where You Are

Schedule a complimentary consultation, and we’ll determine where you are, where you want to go and how we are going to get you there.

Decide Where You Want to Go

We’ll present you with a proposal. We’ll share our expertise and work together to create an actionable roadmap to success.

Determine How to Get There

With a customized plan in place, we’ll provide ongoing support, guidance, and accountability to ensure that you’re on track to success.

Ready to Take The First Step To wards Rapid medspa Success?

Discover How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Schedule your complimentary 30-minute Zoom consultation today. We’ll discuss your specific needs, and share our insights and recommendations of how we can help you achieve success.
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